Fleur Caroline Wensveen is founder, designer and maker of Fleur Caroline Handmade Jewelry. All pieces in the collection are crafted by hand by Fleur in her studio in Amsterdam from natural materials such as gold, silver and precious and semi precious gemstones.

It her passion to translate memories, images, ideas and emotions in to 3D wearable art objects that are worn around the globe.

 All materials used are pure and formed by nature. The materials form a big part of the inspiration as do Fleurs extensive travels around the world. Ancient techniques of the goldsmith are used to form the materials in to jewelry that is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to wear.

The big advantages of crafting all jewelry by hand are that all pieces are unique, that there are no limitations of the techniques of certain machines and that any piece of jewelry can be custom made or remade to the wishes of the customer.


Film by Roland Pupupin of me making a ring

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